Thrivecraft ™ inspirational coaching for wisdom & self-belief and authentic, sustainable leaps forward in life, love & business

Personal Retreats

Coaching, Meditation and Training

Just For You Retreats

Tailor made, one-to-one,

personally designed and guided

by Maggie Kay

A warm invitation to join

Maggie Kay

at the Thrivecraft Home Hub

set amidst 100 acres of stunning river countryside

in rural Cornwall, south west England.


Choose between

your own self contained, detached accommodation,

or suite of private rooms with views in the main house.


Free access to gardens, countryside and river.


Healthy, delicious meals lovingly prepared

by Thrivecraft’s nutrition expert and chef,

Jane Hutton

click here for link to Jane’s website


Exclusive personalised coaching

or training programme

with Maggie Kay

supported by on-site bodywork treatments / therapies

provided by Thrivecraft Coaches and Associates.


“My coaching journey with Maggie Kay was one of the most profound and valuable experiences of my life, bringing clarity and transformation to every area…”

Rachel Elnaugh, former Dragon on BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den

Srimati and Rachel

Maggie and Rachel

 Choose Your Theme

1. Total Life Transformation – Life Coaching Retreats

Set Your Life Free

Say Yes to Abundance

Get Ready for Love 


2. Meditation and Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness and Meditation

Accredited Thrivecraft Meditation Practitioner

Accredited Thrivecraft Meditation Teacher


3. Professional Life Coach and Business Training

Accredited Thrivecraft Coach Training Programme

Write Your Book

Super-charge Your Business


3 nights/4 days all inclusive

Just For Your Personal Retreat


Exclusive one-to-one coaching or training programme

with Maggie Kay

Plus 2 x massage / bodywork or therapy sessions

with Thrivecraft associates


Is a personal coaching or training retreat right for you?

Find out.

To arrange your free Discovery Session

email Maggie at

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