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Book – Diving for Pearls


Diving for Pearls: The Wise Woman’s Guide to Finding Love

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“This is a delightful book about love, spirituality and being at peace with life. Filled with beautiful anecdotes as well as practical advice it’s a wonderful read written by a very wise and connected woman. Especially if you are seeking a relationship – whether with another soul or with the Beloved itself. “

Rachel Elnaugh, former ‘Dragon’ on BBC TV Dragon’s Den

Dive For Your Pearls

This book is part true love story and part how-to guide. In these pages, I take you with me on the spiritual adventure of my life and share how I eventually found what I was longing for – deep trust in my own inner wisdom and a true love, soul mate and life partner that can meet me on all levels. Along with the story, I share the insights and learning that lit the way for me with the hope that this will also help illuminate your path of love and wisdom.

My quest for wisdom began when I was a child, trying to figure out if church had the answers to life’s big questions. Continuing by studying psychology at university, I was profoundly affected by the death of my father and discovered the practice of meditation. For nearly two decades thereafter, I trained for and became an ordained Buddhist.

But wisdom wasn’t enough. Although denying it for many years, deep down I also ached to be properly partnered by a soul mate – a true love that shared every aspect of my life. A series of experiences finally brought me to fulfill that destiny and the ensuing spiritual renaissance resulted in the resigning of my ordination and the founding of Thrivecraft – an inspirational coaching practice providing a universal path of love and wisdom for all.

Echoing my own journey, the first half of Pearls is about inner wisdom. Along with this part of my story, I share tips and teachings on meditation, mindfulness and intuition so that you too can tune in to your own natural inner wisdom.

The second half focuses on finding true love and includes my ‘Get Ready For Love’ step-by-step guide. I also describe how inner wisdom continues to serve a deepening relationship once you’ve met a partner (or, indeed, reveals when it is time to move on).

It is my dear wish that you will be inspired by my story and tips, transported by a special ‘Ask Your Inner Wisdom’ meditation I have created and recapture your natural entitlement to be completely guided and supported in all that you do. Go ahead and find the kind of love and wisdom that you so desire and so deserve. Dive for your pearls – they are right here and they are all yours.

Maggie Kay

“Was fortunate enough to obtain an early copy of this from Maggie at Port Eliot Festival earlier this year and read it immediately.  The story of Maggie’s life was fascinating in itself but the book provided the tools she used to overcome the hurdles we all face at some time or another.  This is now a book I will go back to again and again to develop the methods that are so clearly given.  This is an easy yet deep read which makes it accessible to all.  Highly recommended!  Thank you Maggie for sharing something so personal and powerful.”

Best wishes, Joanna Jackson, reader

Book and e-book available from Amazon, click here:

Buy Now on Amazon


Get Ready for Love

one-to-one coaching programme

over 6 months (flexible)

with Maggie Kay

rumi set your life on fire

          *        Let go of the past and open to love again

          *        Clarify exactly what you want in relationship

          *        Power up self confidence, self worth and self belief

          *        Activate your love-enabling action plan

          *        Master law-of-attraction manifestation techniques

          *        Find and magnetise the partner of your dreams

Determined to make a quantum leap

in your love life once and for all?


Maggie-Kay’s one-to-one love coaching programme

is for those who have had enough of how things are and

are willing and ready to make big changes!


Get Ready for Love success stories (names changed):

Having diligently completed coaching with Maggie-Kay, the very day 42 year old Carrie wrote in her journal that she was now ready for love again, Steve literally knocked on her front door.  They are now happily living together.

Philippa, age 53,  met her partner Charlie after more than 20 years of being a single mum focused on her career.  He was the first candidate she came across on a dating website (an action Philippa had decided to take whilst following the programme) but that was enough.  They quickly recognised they’d met someone special and are enjoying life together.

29 year old Jennifer met her boyfriend Derek by chance in a crystal shop on Valentine’s day.  Although they didn’t know each other before, unbeknownst to them they had something in common – they were both having Get Ready for Love coaching with Maggie-Kay!


To arrange your free discovery session with Maggie-Kay

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