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Meditation Foundation

Accredited Thrivecraft

Meditation Foundation Training

30 Day Programme

with Maggie Kay


Step-by-step supported learning

online home study & practice course

with group coaching and support


You know it’s great for you,

so make this your special time

to get into your groove with meditation.


With Maggie Kay’s simple step-by-step system,

you will learn, practice and enjoy

four life changing meditations…


be inspired to establish a

delightful meditation practice

that’s just right for you…


receive top level expert coaching,

comprehensive resources

and group support…


So you are sure to complete the programme

feeling confident and inspired

as a competent meditator.


Let meditation awaken, guide and nourish you

for the rest of your life!









 Maggie Kay is one of the UK’s foremost meditation teachers and guides.


Psychology graduate and former ordained Buddhist,

Maggie has been meditating since she was 19

and teaching, guiding and creating meditation for 25 years.


She draws meditations from traditional and modern sources

as well as her own inner and channelled wisdom.

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 What You Get 

Principles   *   Technique   *   Preparation   *   Practice   *   Support

Life time access to the

Thrivecraft Meditation Foundation

home study course (videos / audios / e-docs)

presented by Maggie Kay


Guidance on how to practice four meditations and

create an easy-going meditation rhythm

you look forward to


Live Video Tutorial with Maggie Kay

where she’ll answer your questions, encourage you

and help you over your hurdles

(recorded so can be watched later if you can’t make it live)


Private Facebook group

with Maggie Kay and other course participants

to connect, share your experience,

give and receive support

and ask questions anytime


Upon successful completion, you receive your

IICT accredited

Thrivecraft Meditation Foundation Certificate

Your Foundation Certificate qualifies you to apply for:

Accredited Thrivecraft Meditation Teacher training.

Thrivecraft Meditation Foundation is a pre-requisite (the first module) for

Maggie Kay’s meditation teacher training course.

Click here for info on Thrivecraft Meditation Teacher training


Maggie Kay is an IICT member and approved training provider.

She is founder of Thrivecraft, a registered trade mark and modality

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Course Contents


Week 1.  Mindfulness

What is meditation, introduction to practitioner course, posture for meditation, what is mindfulness, mindfulness of breathing meditation explained, guided mindfulness of breathing practice.


Week 2.  Loving Kindness

Q&A on mindfulness, higher consciousness with meditation, loving kindness meditation explained, guided loving kindness practice.


Week 3.  Manifestation

Q&A on loving kindness, hindrances to meditation, antidotes to hindrances, principles of manifestation, Ah/Om manifestation meditation explained, guided Ah/Om manifestation practice.


Week 4.  Inner Wisdom

Q&A on Ah/Om manifestation, what is inner wisdom, Ask Your Inner Wisdom meditation explained, guided Ask Your Inner Wisdom practice, where to go from here.


Time & Commitment Required

Meditation practice – 20 mins daily (minimum x 5 a week)

Reflection and note taking – 10 mins daily (minimum x 5 a week)

Watch Thrivecraft Meditation Foundation Course videos – approx 90 mins a week

Live online group coaching with Maggie Kay (recording available) – 60 mins a month


In this video extract from Meditation Foundation course, below,

Maggie Kay describes the benefits of meditation.

(And also goes on to talk about the inner wisdom meditation)

To apply for your place

email Maggie at