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Enlightened Entrepreneurs with a Mission!

I’ve just returned from Glasgow where I met with some fantastic new colleagues – business leaders each contributing to a new era of conscious entrepreneurship in the fields of media, technology, communications, philanthropy and metaphysics.  We acknowledged that there seems to be a growing collection of us – finding each other through our common interests on social media – and that our coming together is purposeful and hugely exciting.

We recognise that there is something we can do together to help birth a new awareness into the business and professional world, to keep evolving a way of living and working that is based on a deep regard for well being, balance and sustainability, to foster co-operation, collaboration – a win-win way of trading that replaces the practises of greed and exploitation.

This video is a clip from my Entrepreneurs Find Inner Wisdom workshop earlier this year.  The ‘nice Dragon’ – Rachel Elnaugh from the first two series of Dragons’ Den is sitting just to my left off camera.  She and I are talking about utilising the laws of unseen energy (or metaphysics) in business.  And then I speak about the new consciousness and how to let go of our old ways to find this level of working.



And so, I just had to share with you that I am cooking up a plan with my new colleagues and and along with Rachel.  We knew something was brewing between us when we met, and then an idea came to me on the train on the way home from Glasgow.

One of the people everyone was talking about in Glasgow is the inspiring Dawn Gibbens – TV Secret Millionaire and philanthropreneur.  Dawn seems to have connections with all of us and I soon learned what a wonderful force for the good she is – bursting with ideas, passion and projects via her Barefoot organisations   It wasn’t long before Dawn and I were in contact and sparking each other off – excitedly emailing each other with ideas on what we could all do together.  It’s going to be great!…

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