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Leaps of Faith

I am so proud of the guys from Broadhempston Community Land Trust – pioneers from our village embarking on a community self-build eco housing project this week.  I was involved in the early stages and in finding the site – which poetically turned out to be the field where our caravan has been!

This reminds me of when we villagers saved our only shop from closure by forming a community enterprise five years ago.   The shop has been the thriving, expanding, inspiring heart of our village ever since.

I was the instigator and very involved in setting up the community shop in the early stages (from conception to birth) and here is a talk I gave at our sponsor’s (a wonderful rural community development charity, the Plunkett Foundation) conference.

It’s called Leaps of Faith, and is about the importance of inspiration and belief (I even mention the law of attraction in the second video – the first time I’d got into metaphysical principles at a mainstream conference!)

I inspired myself watching them again. Do have a watch. I hope you’ll find them uplifting and that they’ll encourage you to make that leap of faith!

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