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Introducing Kay Starr TV

On 11th November 2022 at 11.11 am, Kay Starr TV was born.

Having spent six months or so recovering from the passing of my beloved husband, Paddy, Autumn 2022 saw me dreaming into what was next for me.

To my surprise, it wasn’t writing my second book that was calling me, but a whole renewed vocational expression, picking up on momentum from 12 years before. I was ready to get in front of the camera again!

Back in 2010, I was thrilled by what was then new media opportunities – to create our own blogs and videos. I bought myself a video camera, had a make over, and started filming interviews, talks and workshops. I also contacted an agency matching expert presenters with TV programme makers.

A series of family, health and housing challenges quelled that trajectory, however. Then, after a couple of quieter working years while I attended to all that, in 2013 I was inspired to launch the Thrivecraft Academy, training accredited life coaches and meditation teachers

Five very fulfilling years followed, but by 2018 Paddy’s health was declining further. Days after completing a comprehensive rebrand and launching the online academy, I paused Thrivecraft altogether to become his very full time carer.

As you can see from my fresh new Kay Starr banner above and photo below, I’m looking a bit different from when the branding was created for this website in 2018!

(I had a really fun make over and photoshoot on 11th November last year, the day of the Kay Starr TV launch).

So hello new year – it is delightful to be getting back into business again.

I’m starting by creating and presenting a new talk show on my Scottish island’s radio station, Radio Millport, sharing the fascinating stories of island characters, projects and businesses. I’ll be out interviewing with my camera too, sharing videos on social media.

Being a business coach as well as a presenter, I’ll also be mentoring entrepreneurs, on air and behind the scenes. And I’ll be delivering my Money Making Mindset workshop to businesses in my locality and further afield.

This is all in preparation for Kay Starr TV, the creation of a media hub on the island offering film, audio, podcasting and social media services and broadcasting programmes from the new TV station – with a view to support enterprise, innovation and wealth creation.

I’m excited and inspired to say the least. Look out 2023 – I’m coming to get ya!

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