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New home. New name. New book!

It’s been a while – and I write to you now feeling like a whole new person!

In March 2021, husband Paddy and I moved to Scotland, to the beautiful Isle of Cumbrae where my mum lived for 20 years with my stepdad. We’ve had many, many holidays and visits over the years and have wondered about moving here before. But now the time is right.

We are absolutely loving it here – so close to stunningly beautiful nature and the people are so warm and friendly. I have been amazed at how powerful it’s been to move back to my homeland after 36 years in London, Devon and Cornwall. I feel like my bones are made of the same stuff as the rocks and that the salty Firth of the Clyde waters are flowing through my veins.

The relocation followed an intense few years which saw three other house moves, Paddy recovering from a stroke and the diagnosis, illness and passing of my dear sister then beloved mum. These three were / are the closest loved ones in my world (along with my son Jamie who is still very much alive and well!) For the last couple of years, I’ve paused Thrivecraft to attend to all that – and to my own recouperation.

Then this September, I suddenly realised I’d completed the arduous, years long trek through the mountains and arrived in a bountiful valley of peace, ease and light heartedness once again. And after a year of honouring my health, fitness and wellbeing as a priority, am feeling more vibrant than I have in a long time.

But there’s more – I have a new name! Since coming back to Scotland I have taken up my middle name, Kay, again. It’s what my Scottish family know me as and it feels right. Since changing, it dawned on me that Maggie Kay was just a transitional label – a professional brand and pen name – after 20 years of being Srimati (my ordained Buddhist name). But Kay is coming home to the ‘real’ me, much like coming home to Scotland – the return of the prodigal daughter after all those years adventuring! So please do call me Kay if you remember!

And speaking of pen names, I also have a new book project! I’ve been feeling like my next book – True Love Cuts Deep: The Strong Woman’s Guide to Letting Go (working title) – is prompting me to start writing. It follows on from my first book, Diving for Pearls: The Wise Woman’s Guide to Finding Love which was published in 2017.

Then, last week, I noticed Nicola Humber of Unbound Press was offering a 5 day writing challenge. And as it happened, I had a clear diary for the first time in months. I took it as a nudge from the Universe, so I signed up. Our first assignment is to announce our book intentions publicly – so here you are!

It’s good to be back!