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Find Your Answers

The Easy Way to Create Your Personal Help Hotline.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel that you could have help whenever you need it?  The astonishing fact is that superb help is right there inside you, waiting to be tapped, every single day. Whether you are in the supermarket wondering what to buy for dinner, or finalising a major life decision on a deadline, inner answers and deep personal guidance are only a few breaths away.

The wisdom of the universe is ever present – a great sky full of answers to your everyday questions and a vast ocean of understanding that makes sense of your deepest problems. In days gone by we knew how to commune with this cosmic guidance system, but our modern lifestyle is such that we’ve by and large forgotten all about it. We scurry about getting more and more confused, taking wrong turns and running in circles. No wonder we don’t feel so good these days, that something is missing in our lives.

Fortunately, not everyone has forgotten how to tune into the excellent natural sources of guidance at our disposal. Thousands of spiritual practices keep these arts alive, and countless sages, mystics and healers throughout time are adept at them. Nowadays, more and more of us are picking up the threads of these ancient ways and weaving them together with new spiritual intelligence to make a modern tapestry – a complete map – that works meaningfully and practically for us today….

…. And so my latest project has been to produce a book and guided meditation CD to pass on the knack of finding inner answers. I’m calling it ‘Find Your Answers’. The CD will be available very soon and the book will follow. I’m also running a new ‘Find Your Answers’ weekend course on October 24/25 and a weekly meditation class here in Devon.

I would love to think that lots of people will come to soak in the tips and stories and meditations from the course, class, book and CD and feel able to take on life with renewed confidence. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all re-capture our natural entitlement to be totally guided and supported in all that we do? I also hope my new ‘Find Your Answers’ offerings serve to encourage and inspire us to reclaim the most precious resource of all – our own deep lasting connection with the source of all knowledge. In doing this, we remake the greatest of discoveries – the revelation of our true self and our purpose on this earth.


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