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How to Find Wisdom from Within During a Crisis

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  1. I was on Jack Allis’ website by that name. Somehow I ended up searching ‘intuition’ on Twitter, heard your interview with Nick Williams and wanted to write you about my experiences with intuition. I found mine and a whole new world about 3 years ago at 65. I have been studying higher consciousness ever since. It seems the whole brain uses vision logic and is much more objective than we are in our word world. It has a map of the universe that is way beyond our programing.
    In any case, my comment is that my negative and inaccurate choice of words was sabotaging my thinking. When I switched to more positive accurate non biased words, the change was profound. You mentioned still being sensitive, but I think that is good, as I got very sensitize, but the deepest depressions disappeared in about three minutes. The whole brain seemed to have used the word change to cope subconsciously, hence three minutes tops. I guess then I could take on ever more emotional issues that needed airing. I just thought you might be able to use that.
    When I got this whole new world view, I wanted to look at world problems with this new sense and I came up with an unusual issue that seems high on the list of things that could done. In American Studies, we learned that the upper and lower classes seem to relate better than the middle classes do with either. The divide seems even greater than race, religion or perhaps anything. In churches, I have noticed that even in that bastion there is a hierarchy that never seems to understand the rest of us.
    Of course there are other pressing problems, but I thought that if people could bridge this gap, people of good will could solve the problems with intuitively. However, I haven’t found one person of the middle class that could get it or one person of my class that couldn’t get it. I just wonder, do you get it.
    Why that is important is that if anyone could break down the communication barrier between us, we could easily solve world problems working together. After all it’s our ideas, labor and power that they sell back to us at a price with no qualms, so I think someone owes us. Solomon didn’t build the temple, he taxed the people to death and then had them build the temple. With cupidity we will never have peace or prosperity. But, with more money, time and responsibility, many hands make the work light.
    The middle classes will never be able to carry the world themselves, physically or mentally. It’s about time for them to stop denigrating us as stupid. For our part, we see them as educated idiots, but that’s not exactly right either. Probably half truths both and certainly a whole lie results. Sorry to use some negative thoughts, but sometimes we should really look at a few negatives and fix them.
    I think that with intuition, people may start seeing ways out of this world we have built, so I appreciate sharing you are doing. For my part I am trying to get the information out on intuition, as it seems so important. Einstein even said that, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Most well known people throughout history have expressed the importance of intuition in their success. I wish I could get intuitive techniques out to the world, but I am afraid that it will take someone with a higher profile, like that of the middle classes. That is, if we could break down the barrier. Does your intuition see that as a trivial issue? Somehow I think that it is not. Am I wrong?

    December 11, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    • Thank you for sharing your story and views- very interesting.

      I particularly like your idea that we could cross class divides by connecting with one another through intuition and solve world problems that way.

      Yes, I think intuition has an important part to play in life and happiness and success.

      I’m sure we all have a part to play in finding and sharing the power of intuition with one another, regardless of our background. We are all one human family, ultimately.

      The Buddha said that the best way to be a teacher is to be an exemplar. In other words, we need simply be ourselves, practise what we believe in, and inspire others with our example. Everyone can do that!

      Best wishes, Srimati

      December 13, 2009 at 11:28 am

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