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Maybe Money DOES Grow on Trees

We are all so clever.  Me too – what a clever clogs!  Whirrrr goes my mind – working it all out, coming up with all the plans and solutions…  But now and then I hit a brick wall.  My intellect can take me no further.  In fact it has sometimes gotten me into quite a lot of trouble – taken me down wrong roads, round in circles or smack into the bricks.

Like most of us I have a very strong work ethic – if only I work harder, put in more effort, I will EARN my right to have or be this or that.  Except that pure mental exhertion is not the whole story and it is not sustainable. Sooner or later it becomes counter-productive.  By narrowing down our focus to a solitary slog of the intellect we shut out the natural supply of support and energy all around us in other dimensions.  It’s like a plant squeezing closed its roots and refusing the sustenance of the soil.

A year ago, whilst living in the Wild Field, I was contemplating my relationship to money, wealth and prosperity.  Despite months of thinking, planning and action around making a better living, something was compromising the flow of abundance into my life.  I decided to undertake a 40 day spiritual programme – The Abundance Programme by John Randolph-Price – to explore what unconscious attitudes might be holding me back.

Soon into the programme, I uncovered my main ‘vanity’ – an attachment to the idea that I was soley responsible for coming up with all the answers.  My pride meant that I was shutting off receptivity to support from elsewhere and it was only when I finally admitted that I’d run out of ideas that any of that was available to me.

Almost as soon as I saw this, things began to change (and indeed, a year on, are very different)…

Here are a couple of videos I recorded at the time – very much in the spirit of Raw and Real in the Wild Field (a no frills spontaneous video diary).  I knew one day I’d be brave enough to show some of them to you!

This first one is my basic ‘Aha’ moment about where I’d been going wrong….

And a few days later into the Abundance Programme, this is my video report on how I had already started to attract money from surprising places.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this Sriamti. I hear you, I resonate. I’ve been doing that dance between trust/surrender and fear/pushing for a few years now and it is a work in progress for sure. My path was a little the other way around for a while though, it was helpful for me to get MORE structured with plans (clear intentions) as I was in such a right-brained space of surrender that it led to total inactivity! LOL! I’m in another cycle of it right now actually and receiving signs that all is well despite what the numbers say. And I breathe. Thanks again. Love it when you share real and raw! Big (((HUGS))) Kimberley ♥

    September 26, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    • Yes too true (about the left brain, right brain swing) Kimberely. Eckhart Tolle tells of when he just sat on park benches for two years after his awakening – guess it all balances out in the end! And thanks for the (raw and real) affirmation – always so warm and enveloping from you… Mmmmm xx

      September 26, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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