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It’s All About Love

Leap year 29th February is traditionally the day when women propose marriage.

And so what a great day to let you know about my forthcoming book

Diving for Pearls: The Wise Woman’s Guide to Finding Love

which I am sending off to a publisher this very day!

love woman

Diving for Pearls is part true love story and part how-to guide.  I take you with me on the spiritual adventure of my life and share how I eventually found what I was longing for – deep trust in my own inner wisdom and a soul mate life partner that can meet me on all levels.  Along with the story, I share the insights and learning that lit the way for me with the hope that this will also help illuminate your path of love and wisdom.

My quest for wisdom began when I was a child, trying to figure out if church had the answers to life’s big questions.  Continuing by studying psychology at university, I was profoundly affected by the death of my father and discovered the practice of meditation.  For nearly two decades thereafter, I trained for and became an ordained Buddhist.

But wisdom wasn’t enough.   Although denying it for many years, deep down I also ached to be properly partnered by a soul mate – a true love that shared every aspect of my life.   A series of experiences finally brought me to fulfill that destiny and the ensuing spiritual renaissance resulted in the resigning of my ordination and founding Thrivecraft – a universal path of love and wisdom for all.

Echoing my own journey, the first half of Pearls is about inner wisdom.   Along with this part of my story, I share tips and teachings on meditation, mindfulness and intuition so that you too can tune into to your natural inner wisdom.  The second half focuses on finding true love and includes my ‘Get Ready For Love’ step-by-step guide.  I also describe how inner wisdom continues to serve a deepening relationship once you’ve met a partner (or, indeed, shows you when it’s time to move on).

It is my dear wish that you will be inspired by my story and tips, transported by a special ‘Ask Your Inner Wisdom’ meditation I have created and re-capture your natural entitlement to be completely guided and supported in all that you do.  Go ahead and find the kind of love and wisdom that you so desire and so deserve.  Dive for your pearls – they are right here and they are all yours…


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Thank you to my mentor Julia

Some of you may remember that in 2014 I won a scholarship with conscious writing mentor and Hay House author, Julia McCutchen,  I am delighted that the result of Julia’s fabulous mentoring is now well on its way to publication.

This June, I am again supporting Julia on her Conscious Writing retreat which is held in Glastonbury, UK.  As well as being hugely enjoyable, Julia’s holistic approach can create surprising breakthroughs. Here I am giving my video testimonial – Maggie’s retreat testimonial.

rumi set your life on fire

New – Get Ready for Love – Coaching Programme

My other big news is that I am creating a brand new intensive coaching programme

Get Ready for Love

If now is your time to let go of the past, develop unshakable self belief and prepare yourself for the BEST relationship of your life – I am standing by with my tried and tested methods and powerful magic to launch you on your way.

Get ready for, find and attract your ideal love match – fast!

More details coming soon…

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The Curious Thing About Manifestation

At the beginning of May (full moon May day), my husband Patrick Edgecombe and I awoke to the vision that we might like to relocate to Scotland – to the island where my mum and step-dad live, the Isle of Cumbrae – and establish our long dreamed of Thrivecraft retreat centre.

The momentum gathered pace and we quickly fell in love with an ideal property (a small former hotel) in a stunning water-side location on the island. This beautiful house became an icon for us – the estate agent particulars were displayed in our power spot at home and taken to Thrivecraft workshops and support groups to illustrate the subject of our manifestation practices.

Effortless synchronicity started happening every day. We were borne along on a wave of inspiration, joy and grace – all the signs and omens from the Universe were saying “Yes, it’s happening, you are on the right track.” My son Jamie passed his driving test – the final piece of his independence – I was free!

And so, we were on the island viewing our prospective new home and retreat centre on Saturday 1st August.   The property was even more fantastic than we had imagined. Tears and gasps all round. Oh yes!! This was it!!  A few days later, we went back for a second viewing, refining our ideas about how to use the rooms, the adjacent cottage and grounds…

arran snow

However, within a few hours after the second viewing of what we thought was the ideal property for our Thrivecraft retreat – the beautiful house that had been such an icon for us for months – we had decided that the move to the island was off!

Soulfully sharing our thoughts, feelings, dreams, writings and meditations soon revealed that the move wasn’t right for us after all.

The house and cottage were ideal, but not living here on the island.  Instead, we turned our attention back to the south west of England (where we live now) and realised we have a draw back to Devon or Cornwall.

The amazing thing was that despite the surprising total turnaround, we all felt absolutely fine about it.

It was a little sad letting go of the house and somewhat disorientating to drop the island vision that had been occupying almost every thought and feeling for so long.  However, we were still dwelling in 100% surrender as well as 100% intention, so letting go was graceful and painless…

Thrivecraft Living Waters

The curious thing about manifesting, is that you never quite know how what you ‘put out for’ is going to show up…  And if you stay 100% surrendered as well as 100% intentional, the Universe can surprise you with the details…

The very next morning after deciding we wouldn’t pursue the island property, the local paper published details of development plans to build a spa hotel just yards from where our retreat would have been.

Reflecting on this, it dawned on me that in fact we HAD manifested what we were envisioning – an up-market spa hotel on the isle of Cumbrae where we could run Thrivecraft activities and at the same time boost tourism, employment and bring new services to the island.

This manifestation was completely effortless (apart from some gentle yet powerful meditations and manifestation practices).  It didn’t involve any meetings, fundraising, development planning, financial burden, or having to run a hospitality business – it has just magically appeared!.

We could have our dreamed of two base lifestyle – in the south west of England and on the isle of Cumbrae in Scotland near my mum.  We could host bespoke personal coaching and healing retreats and training courses at the new hotel on the island and at the same time continue living near friends, family and Thrivecraft colleagues in Devon or Cornwall.

I think you could call this ‘easy-peasy, having-your-cake-and-eat-it manifesting!!

THE END (or is it just the beginning?)