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Leaps of Faith

I am so proud of the guys from Broadhempston Community Land Trust – pioneers from our village embarking on a community self-build eco housing project this week.  I was involved in the early stages and in finding the site – which poetically turned out to be the field where our caravan has been!

This reminds me of when we villagers saved our only shop from closure by forming a community enterprise five years ago.   The shop has been the thriving, expanding, inspiring heart of our village ever since.

I was the instigator and very involved in setting up the community shop in the early stages (from conception to birth) and here is a talk I gave at our sponsor’s (a wonderful rural community development charity, the Plunkett Foundation) conference.

It’s called Leaps of Faith, and is about the importance of inspiration and belief (I even mention the law of attraction in the second video – the first time I’d got into metaphysical principles at a mainstream conference!)

I inspired myself watching them again. Do have a watch. I hope you’ll find them uplifting and that they’ll encourage you to make that leap of faith!

Ten Tips for Easy Peasy Meditation

Thrivecraft with Maggie Kay

We’ve all had those moments.  Suddenly, we are totally absorbed in a thing of great beauty – an incredible golden sunset on a beach, a piece of heart soaring music that moves us to tears.  The rest of the world disappears.  There’s only this wonderful experience, filling us, thrilling us.  Anything we were doing pauses.  Anything we were thinking melts away.  We are transported into vivid aliveness and feel like we are standing in the centre of the universe.

This aliveness is our natural state.  It is waiting beneath and below all the complicated layers of our life ready to greet us.  All we have to do is remember to drop in from time to time – visit the oasis, refresh ourselves – and we can take that aliveness back into our everyday life.  Somehow, then, our troubles aren’t quite so troubling.  We feel like our emotional batteries are charged…

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Srimati becomes Maggie Kay

This summer I changed my name from Srimati to Maggie Kay.

I’ve been known as Srimati for 20 years – a spiritual name given to me when I was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 1993.  And although I resigned my ordination 11 years ago and no longer consider myself to be a Buddhist (preferring to embrace all spiritual traditions), I kept my beautiful spiritual name until now.

So why the change?

The idea came out of the blue – well from the heavens to my husband Pat, as it was he who had the sudden insight to make the change after talking with me about some old unconscious beliefs I was letting go of.  But it felt so right!   I knew as soon as Pat suggested it that it was what I would do.

We could see that being called Srimati was keeping me subtly but powerfully linked to aspects of Buddhism that I no longer resonate with.  And it was blocking me from claiming my true spiritual inheritance from my family name, ancestors and magical Scottish homeland.

I gave myself the summer to make the changes.  It has been a profound, rich, intimate inner process (as anyone who has changed their name may tell you) and has also required a bit of practical work including re-branding my business.

In August, Pat and I had a wonderful holiday in Scotland.  On our first night, wanting to honour my ancestors, we visited the birthplace of my Great Grandmother, Mary Kay, whose name has been passed down at least five generations on my mother’s side to me.

Here is a video I took that morning, speaking about my great grandmother, Mary Kay:-


After enjoying a delightful week with my mum on the Isle of Cumbrae, Pat and I spent our last night in Scotland near the Scottish Buddhist retreat centre, Dhanakosa, where I had been ordained and given the name Srimati.

In this video I am standing on the lochside by the retreat centre, reflecting on my ordination as Srimati:-


The following morning, I conducted my own private ceremony to lovingly lay aside my Buddhist name, Srimati, in the very shrine room where I was publicly ordained.

I took the video camera into the shrine room with me to catch this spontaneous but powerful ceremonial moment:-


And so Srimati ‘radiant mind’ has become Maggie Kay ‘pearl fire’.

My friends have been adapting with love and understanding (some of them affectionately calling me Srimaggie for a while to help them with the transition!) and my mum is very happy I’ve chosen to reclaim the beautiful names she gave me at birth.

There have been a few moments when I’ve missed being Srimati and have been feeling strangely ‘naked’ as Maggie Kay, but I know I am embodying more of myself than ever before.

It is good to be back!

Set Your Life Free

Set Your Life Free:

Thrivecraft Life Coaching Course

With Maggie Kay

Near Totnes, Devon, UK

Sat 19 / Sun 20 October 2013


An inspiring, powerful and warm-hearted workshop

to refresh your life and set it in a new direction.

REVIEW your current life situations and relationships

CONNECT with your true purpose and ideal life

MELT AWAY doubts and obstacles

CREATE a do-able onward plan

ACTIVATE your magic

A complete Life Coaching programme in weekend format.

As well as standard Life Coaching processes, this uplifting and inspiring weekend will be laced with powerful teachings and meditations that bring magic into your everyday life.

With a mixture of interactive practical exercises, talks and guided contemplation, you will learn how to make the secret law of attraction work for you and practice a powerful ’make it happen’ technique that manifests your hopes into reality.

There will be opportunities to ask questions and give your comments along the way.  And there will be plenty of time to connect with other participants – typically a high quality group of open minded, friendly people.

At Glazebrook Country House Hotel

Near Totnes, Devon, UK

Click here for Glazebrook Country House Hotel website


 includes lunches and refreshments

For more info and to book, click orange button below:

Eventbrite - Set Your Life Free - Thrivecraft Life Coaching Course


Can I trust my intuition?

Reposting this video blog in the run up to our Wake Up Your Wisdom workshop this weekend. In this video, I explain how to recognise and trust intuition. Speaking at the Entrepreneurs Find Inner Wisdom event, I also reveal the magic formula for manifesting what you wish for in life – 100% intention + 100% surrender. Special guest, Rachel Elnaugh (former Dragon from BBC TV Dragons’ Den), adds a tip about dealing with fear.

Thrivecraft with Maggie Kay

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Tap Into Your Intuition

In the run up to our next Thrivecraft workshop – Wake Up Your Wisdom – I’m re posting some blogs and videos on intuition and inner wisdom. This one gives some tips on how to tap into your intuition in your everyday life…

Thrivecraft with Maggie Kay

Are you Intuitive?  Yes you are.

Everyone is intuitive.  It is part of you.  It is just a matter of waking it up, excercising the ‘muscles’ and learning what signals to trust.

Think about it for a moment.  Think about all those times you’ve had a hunch, a gut feeling or a sensation deep down that you just KNOW what’s right.  That’s your intuition speaking to you.

Do you listen though?  How often do you follow your inner promptings and let your intuition guide your decisions?  Do you realise how much of a smoother ride you would have in life if you did?

The trouble is that we are not very schooled in how to find and use our intuition.  These days, the emphasis is on our quick thinking rather than our deep knowing.  This means that most of us are missing out on a fantastic natural method of getting…

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Meeting My Match – my inspiring true love story

A bit of inspiration for those of you looking for love.
And if you are, do come along to our next Thrivecraft workshop – The Art of Love, Creating and Deepening Fulfilling Relationships – (see events page).
Also for those who are already in partnerships or who simply want to understand, resolve or deepen relationships in general…

Thrivecraft with Maggie Kay

Totnes is full of single mothers and hardly any single men – my new friends in Devon were quite adamant.  “I hope you’re not expecting to find a partner down here!”  But I wasn’t moving to Totnes to find a partner, not yet anyway.

After 16 years living in a Buddhist community in London, it was time to move on, and my longing for a rural lifestyle could no longer be ignored.  But most importantly of all, my seven-year-old son, Jamie, deserved a more gentle upbringing than a city could afford.

Despite the good reasons, however, there was also an element of strange magnetism I couldn’t put my finger on.  In many ways I was leaving a great situation and jumping into the unknown,  but there was a compelling force drawing me on – and I had a daring, inexplicable knowledge that this was absolutely the right move.

So, one…

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Deep Care and Health Support Retreat

Relaxation, body awareness and

health inspiration

Thrivecraft Day Retreat

At Glazebrook Country House Hotel

Near Totnes, Devon, UK

Sunday 12th May 2013

with Srimati

buddha aura

A nourishing and encouraging day retreat to

* Relax & unwind mind, body & soul

*  Drop into meditation

* Connect with your physical body

* Create a gentle health support plan

*  Be inspired to take the next steps

* Share wisdom & support with the Thrivecraft tribe


Relax.  Drop into meditation. Tune in with your body.

Find clarity. Be inspired. Create your personal plan.

Enjoy support & encouragement.


At Glazebrook Country House Hotel

Near Totnes, Devon, UK

Click here for Glazebrook Country House Hotel website

 £74 (inc lunch)

For more info and to book, click orange button below

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New for 2013 – Getting Together

What’s new for you this year? Are you feeling the call to get together?

I definitely am and have been feeling increasingly inspired to host new events, groups and workshops this year – visiting themes that are hot for us all right now. There was such an enthusiastic response to our sell out UNITY 2012 event on 12.12.12. and our tribe continues to grow and want more!

This week our new ENDEAVOUR support group gets underway. This is a gathering of close kindred spirits (five men and five women) – each of us impressive individuals already following our calling, but keen to experience the power of the collective and take a leap together.

We are all mature body/mind/spirit professionals and artists, most of us parents, who know what it is like to carry responsibility and forge ahead. We are leaders and ‘givers’ and it is easy for us to sideline our own need for support and input. So it is great that we have decided to come together in a nourishing and stimulating peer group. Quantum leaps happen when we get together like this!

Awakening Quote 1C (1)

Thanks to Kimberely Jones for contributing the above image.   Artwork by Jennifer Cairns, Daybreak Design,

Another new support group will get underway in Totnes, Devon in the coming weeks. THRIVECRAFT WEEKLY will be a Friday morning drop-in session. We will explore themes such as visioning, manifesting, channeling wisdom, using intuition and creating abundance and discover how these can be utilised in our life, love and business.

Each week I will be presenting the theme and guiding meditation, exercises and discussion. Our groups always attract a fantastic caliber of conscious, open-hearted people who contribute a lot to each other. Many friendships and connections are made. We will break for tea and there will be the opportunity to go for lunch together afterwards.

I will also be running a series of one day workshops this year. Requests are coming in for workshops on manifesting dreams and projects, boosting money and prosperity, business and marketing support and for developing intuition and channeling wisdom. Let me know if you have any more ideas and I’ll be happy to consider them.

For those of you further afield, I am currently writing some new material for online courses, webinars, e-books, audios and videos (as well as converting my existing courses into online formats). As a true Aquarian, I really feel my connection with you all worldwide and love to connect with you on the internet. Do join me on Facebook and Twitter too.

So I very much look forward to getting together with you this year and experiencing the power of our collective intention to create the happy, healthy, wealthy and wise lives we desire. By pooling our resources, we really do enhance our ability to actualize the bright new era so many of us are sensing. And right now is our opportunity to do so. See you soon!

Tap Into Your Intuition

Are you Intuitive?  Yes you are.

Everyone is intuitive.  It is part of you.  It is just a matter of waking it up, excercising the ‘muscles’ and learning what signals to trust.

Think about it for a moment.  Think about all those times you’ve had a hunch, a gut feeling or a sensation deep down that you just KNOW what’s right.  That’s your intuition speaking to you.

Do you listen though?  How often do you follow your inner promptings and let your intuition guide your decisions?  Do you realise how much of a smoother ride you would have in life if you did?

The trouble is that we are not very schooled in how to find and use our intuition.  These days, the emphasis is on our quick thinking rather than our deep knowing.  This means that most of us are missing out on a fantastic natural method of getting the best from life.

How do you tap into your intuition?

Intuition Pictures, Images and Photos

Pause and take a few deep breaths.

Ask yourself what’s best.

Receive your answer.

It’s as simple as that!

Inner guidance, answers and solutions are literally a few breaths away.

The first trick is to REMEMBER to pause and ask at the outset.

Take 10

The best way to remember to pause and ask in the heat of your busy everyday life is to practise a little when things are quieter.

Just 10 quiet minutes a day will really help.  Spend 10 minutes of every day sitting quietly by yourself – no TV, radio, phone, computer or interruptions – just you sitting down, relaxing, feeling your breath moving through your body.

If you are not accustomed to ‘taking 10’ like this, you will be amazed how refreshing it is and how good it makes you feel for the rest of the day.

It is good to find a regular spot in the day that works for you – like after your morning cuppa, on the train to work (providing you have earphones!), or sitting in the car when the kids are dropped off at school – and to incorporate it into your everyday routine.

Watch to find out how life gets better when we use our intuition…

Try my guided audio to tap into your inner wisdom…

Simply listen, relax and find your own answers.

Click to download

Find Your Inner Wisdom – Free Audio Give-away

If I have one mission in life it is to alert you to the immense wealth you already have at your diposal – your inner wisdom!

We all have the capacity to dip in to this pot of gold to find answers, solutions and direction at every step.  But some of you have yet to find out how to visit this inner world – or know what to do once you get there!

Actually, it’s very simple.  You can soon learn how to pause and tune in to your ‘inner wisdom frequency’.  And how to tell it apart from the fretful noise in your head which can lead you astray!

In recent years, I have created a guided audio experience (okay, yes, meditation if you like!) that shortcuts you to your inner wisdom.

I’ve discovered that even those of you who are ‘not the meditating type’ find it easy and enjoyable.  So give it a try!

And many of you seasoned meditators have reported how refreshing and useful it is to be guided straight to wise answers with this unique audio journey.

As a festive season give-away, I am making the MP3 download of my guided audio available to you absolutely free!

As an added bonus, you can also download the recording of my recent webinar on Inner Wisdom hosted by mother-entrepreneur magazine, Tunza Spirit.

In the webinar I describe how just 10 minutes of quiet time a day can prepare you to ‘hear’ your inner wisdom – and how to create this precious you-time in your day so that it becomes second nature.

To whet your inner wisdom appetite, check out this short video where I’m talking about inner wisdom, my guided meditation and forthcoming book.

The gold within you awaits!

Just click the link below for FREE access to the MP3 download of Answers: Finding Wisdom from Within.

Plus bonus access to my recent Tunza Spirit magazine webinar packed with tips and insights on finding and using Inner Widom.

Remember, this free give-away ends on the 7th January 2012.  Get your downloads now!

Seasons greetings everyone!


However, you can still download the guided audio for £6.99.

Click here

How do you form and launch a new business idea?

Its funny how one thing leads to another…  And it means I have lots of links to share with you today…

I was just scrolling through my Facebook page when an article by Happiness author and coach, Robert Holden, caught my eye.

Robert’s work has always intrigued me and I’ve heard great things about him from colleagues and friends.  Reading his article, I remembered that Robert is a good friend of Nick Williams – another warm and inspiring UK coach who I connected with a couple of years ago.

And so, that led me onto reviewing the video chats Nick and I had recorded together.  Up popped this one – Nick asking me what steps I advise people to take if they are starting out with a new business idea.

It’s called Tips for Inspired Entrepreneurs and I give three or four really good practical steps that are helpful if you are formulating or wanting to develop a new business – however big or small.

One of the points we discuss is how PERSONAL it is running your own business and how business success goes hand in hand with our own development as a person.

After all, our business is our creation and an expression of who we are. So to make the best of our business, we need to understand and manage how our personal strengths and weaknesses play out in our work .

And it works the other way too – running a business is one of the most character building endeavours we may ever find ourselves involved in.  It can be enormously challenging and by the same token, enormously growthful.

So how does it all begin?  How do you formulate and launch a new business idea?  Have a look…

As it happens, starting new business is a topical for me as I’m planning to attend the Business Start Up Show in London next month.

My friend and colleague Rachel Elnaugh (former dragon from BBC TV Dragons’ Den) will be there to speak on ‘Metaphysical Marketing’ and ‘The Future is Feminine’ – two topics that are close to both our hearts.

Rachel will also be there ‘womaning’ her stall in support of her exciting new TV channel – Imago People TV.  If you want to know more about it, have a look at Imago’s new website:-

But to give you a taste, here are Rachel and I having a video chat about telepathic marketing.

And you are welcome to track down our other videos including our discussion on the emerging Feminine Wisdom in business on my You Tube channel, Thrivecraft.

So, I hope some of these links are of interest to you and I wish you all the best with your new business idea!

Manifestation, Wayne Dyer and the Ah Meditation

In the last few days I’ve been reading a book by spiritual teacher Dr Wayne W Dyer called There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.  It’s great – so relevant, uplifting and re-assuring – and is awakening many creative thoughts within me.

Wayne first became a source of inspiration for me after my husband Pat introduced his work to me eight or nine years ago.  During the 1990s, Wayne taught the Ah meditation – a manifestation practice that he’d learned from one of his Indian Gurus – and Pat and I have been passing it on to friends, colleagues and clients ever since our Thrivecraft days.

Last year, I explored the practice in depth at my Entrepreneurs Find Inner Wisdom event, held here in Totnes, Devon.  This was filmed, but apart from posting the videos on my blog soon afterwards, I have not really made a point of publishing them.  Despite this, I have noticed that often people find the videos searching for information on the Ah meditation, so perhaps it’s about time that I made them more available…

Having plucked Wayne’s book off my bookshelf recently (and realised it was gifted to me by my special guest at Entrepreneurs Find Inner Wisdom – former BBC TV Dragon and business mentor, Rachel Elnaugh) I took this as a sign that it was time to run the Ah meditation video series here on my blog.

So here you are, a series of six short videos on the Ah meditation to dip into.  Do let me know what you think – and what results you get!  Enjoy!

1. Manfestation – You are a magician!

2. Introducing the Ah Meditation – Background and How to

3. Questions on the Ah Meditation – Do You Have to Believe for it to Work?

4. Preparing to do the Ah Meditation – Guided Relaxation / Opening the Chakras

5. Practising the Ah Meditation – Guided Practice

6. Concluding the Ah Meditation – Guided Om Chanting

The True Source of All Abundance

Last summer, I embarked on a spiritual study programme on the subject of abundance.  My inspiration was a little book written in the 1980’s – The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price – and the 40 day programme he outlines within it.

I kept my contemplations private at the time – something that is recommended in the book in order to maintain the potency of the programme – but I took some video footage of the realisations I was experiencing for future publication.  Over the last few days, I’ve come across this wonderful material and have edited it into a dozen or so short videos. What a treasure trove! 

The time is now ripe to pass on some of these uplifting and encouraging teachings on attracting and allowing abundance into your life.  I feel fundamentally transformed by the spiritual / inner work I dedicated to this important topic and my fortunes have indeed changed for the better.  I can’t wait to share it with you..

Here’s the first video for starters – me waking up to the TRUE source of all abundance and prosperity.  It might pleasantly surprise you!


Why I left the Buddhist Order – A Spiritual Rennaisance

Someone was just asking me why I left the Buddhist Order that I was dedicated to for so many years.  The person was commenting on my article – Try a Little Tenderness – published on the wonderful Wildmind Buddhist meditation website –

The questioner was also asking if I follow any particular spiritual tradition now.  The answer is no, I don’t.  I don’t even consider myself to be ‘just’ a Buddhist anymore.  I love the teachings of the Buddha and am so grateful for the years that I spent immersed in this tradition (anyone who’s heard me teach will know there’s nearly always a story from the Buddha illustrating what I’m saying!) but it just doesn’t feel right to define my spirituality that way anymore.

These days, I find that many of my friends and colleagues share this ‘universal’ approach to spirituality.  Like me they recognise that there seems to be some sort of perennial wisdom that runs through the pure heart of all spiritual traditions – and that it is wonderful to be open to it all, whatever form it takes.

I was reminded that I recorded a video answering this very question about 3 years ago.  I’m talking about what I experienced as a spiritual rennaisance when I first moved from London to Devon and met my now husband, Pat.  The fruit of this time was my resignation from the Buddhist Order and the birth of my first coaching practice, Thrivecraft.  So far this video has not been published on my website, so I thought I’d do so and let you see it.  Here it is!


Enlightened Entrepreneurs with a Mission!

I’ve just returned from Glasgow where I met with some fantastic new colleagues – business leaders each contributing to a new era of conscious entrepreneurship in the fields of media, technology, communications, philanthropy and metaphysics.  We acknowledged that there seems to be a growing collection of us – finding each other through our common interests on social media – and that our coming together is purposeful and hugely exciting.

We recognise that there is something we can do together to help birth a new awareness into the business and professional world, to keep evolving a way of living and working that is based on a deep regard for well being, balance and sustainability, to foster co-operation, collaboration – a win-win way of trading that replaces the practises of greed and exploitation.

This video is a clip from my Entrepreneurs Find Inner Wisdom workshop earlier this year.  The ‘nice Dragon’ – Rachel Elnaugh from the first two series of Dragons’ Den is sitting just to my left off camera.  She and I are talking about utilising the laws of unseen energy (or metaphysics) in business.  And then I speak about the new consciousness and how to let go of our old ways to find this level of working.



And so, I just had to share with you that I am cooking up a plan with my new colleagues and and along with Rachel.  We knew something was brewing between us when we met, and then an idea came to me on the train on the way home from Glasgow.

One of the people everyone was talking about in Glasgow is the inspiring Dawn Gibbens – TV Secret Millionaire and philanthropreneur.  Dawn seems to have connections with all of us and I soon learned what a wonderful force for the good she is – bursting with ideas, passion and projects via her Barefoot organisations   It wasn’t long before Dawn and I were in contact and sparking each other off – excitedly emailing each other with ideas on what we could all do together.  It’s going to be great!…

Raw and Real in the Wild Field Episode 4: Popping Planets and Peaceful People

Early this week I sensed the onset of autumn.   I always have an intense hit of sadness for a day or so saying goodbye to the summer, but then I relax and surrender to the richness and beauty that autumn brings.  The weather has been very kind this season – pretty much warm and dry for three or four months – and certainly fine since we moved to the wild field around mid summer.  But today its gusty and cloudy and when the sun is covered by the scurrying clouds, quite cool.

Last night, Pat and I stood with a new friend and gazed at the sky to watch the meteor shower as the earth passed through the debris from a shattered star.  (It’s taken me 46 years and to be living in a field to learn that this phenomenon happens every year!)  Shooting stars galore!  Nature’s own firework display!  It was well worth the cold feet and cricked neck and there was something very special being with my two companions sharing gasps of “There’s another one!”.  Certainly beats sitting in a house watching TV.

The meteor shower is supposed to herald new beginnings, especially coming just after a new moon.  We took this as an auspicious sign as our friend had settled arrangements that very day to move to the field with us.  No ordinary chap, Premanand is a Hindu Sadhu, or holy man.  In his late 50’s and originally from Yorkshire, he has spent considerable time in India living as a full time spiritual devotee.  With his long beard and traditional orange robes, his appearance is striking even in the rural edges of the ‘alternative capital of the UK’, Totnes.

Premanand, Hindu holy man and new friend

Just a few weeks ago, Premanand followed his hunches to move from Sussex to the Totnes area and happened upon our village.  The kind ladies in the community shop directed him to our field as a likely place to pitch his tent while he looked around.  Although this exotic character became an immediate gossip sensation in the village, Pat and I felt comfortable with him right away.  We didn’t think it was any accident that Premanand had intuitively homed in on another pair of spiritual fringe dwellers – one of them a former ordained Buddhist and the other nicknamed ‘the Holy Cornishman’.

When Premanand left after his initial reccy a few days later, we were surprised at how much we missed him.  As his sacred fire slowly burned to nothing there was a vacuum of positive energy where his tent once stood.  So we were pleased when he returned and asked if he could stay in the field for a while.  I suddenly remembered that there was an inexpensive little caravan for sale in the village.  At first I’d looked at it for myself, thinking it might make a good writing space, but then I realised why it had come into my sights – it is a perfect starter home for our resident holy man!

Pat and I find Premanand’s peaceful way of life very compatible with ours and we’re happy to have him as a fellow field dweller.  Having lived a semi-monastic life for 10 years and travelled in India myself, there is something very familiar about his simple lifestyle and daily devotions.  I was chuckling to myself the other morning as I sat to meditate and noticed that Premanand’s bell ringing and chanting was louder than a nearby farmer’s chainsaw.  I thought I might as well join in the chorus and belt out a loud Ah meditation myself!

In my last blog – Be Careful What You Wish For! – I posted a video of me introducing the Ah meditation – a fantastically powerful manifestation practice.  Here’s the video of me actually leading through the meditation.  By all means take 10 minutes and have a go.  All you need do is relax, listen and join in to manifest your dreams!

Ah meditation practice video

As I also mentioned in my my last blog, I have been quite aware of astral phenomenon here at the wild field.  I suppose its part of feeling closer to nature and more in tune with the cosmic forces that influence our experience. “Isn’t it incredible how the ancients studied and mapped and used the night sky thousands of years ago!” I remarked when we were all star gazing.  “Yes”, Premanand replied. “Of course in hot countries like India a lot of travelling had to be done at night.”  “They would have known the night sky very well.”  My mind searched to imagine a life of intimacy with that awesome twinkling vastness as a faithful guiding landscape…

Apparently, during the time between our last full moon (30th July) and the new moon this Tuesday (10th Aug) there was an astrological grand cross.  I don’t know much about astrology, but I was told that the particular planets involved describe a time of ‘shadows revealled in relationships’ – in other words, a time where all our relationship diffculties come to the fore.  Of course, fresh awareness of difficulties yields an opportunity to transform and heal them too.

Not knowing about the relationship astrology at the time, Pat and I made a sudden decision to drop in on a family pub lunch get together on Wednesday.  We’d heard that one of Pat’s two sisters was making a visit to their mum in Saltash, Cornwall, only 40 minutes drive from us.  Pat has been patiently waiting for this sister to let go of an upset she’s been carrying about him for a long time and its been seven years since they’ve seen each other. The two of them had a somewhat mending phone conversation a few months ago and so we thought that perhaps the time was ripe to heal it once and for all.

We decided to arrive at the family lunch unnanounced.  The less opportunity for anticipatory anxiety and the build up of defensiveness the better!  And so we burst in, all smiles and calling out “Surprise!”.  Our ploy worked and Pat was rewarded with one of the most moving encounters he’s ever experienced.  Clearly delighted, his sister threw her arms around him and wouldn’t let go.  A wonderful, happy, fun filled lunch ensued, with Pat’s spirited 88 year old mum coyly chilled about having all three of her children together at last.

For me it was just wonderful too.  With Pat’s precarious health, our opportunities to go out together can be all too infrequent.  This was the first time he’d left the caravan (other than a couple of strolls to the nearby village pub!) since we moved.  Prior to that, he’d just got himself well enough to visit his baby grand-daughter whereupon we all caught her ‘baby cold’ which in Pat’s case developed into weeks of bronchitis.  Maybe this explains why he is such a recluse!

We are hoping Pat has no ill effects from this latest outing, however.  Our lovely friend and colleague, Rachel Elnaugh (business mentor and former Dragon on Dragon’s Den), has invited us to her entrepreneurs barbeque event in Derbyshire next weekend.  Rachel has been a superb friend to us and a keen supporter of our wild field living experiment.  She scoped out a motor home for us (a converted mobile library bus in fact!) that was on sale near where she lives – going incognito so as not to alarm the vendor.  Having just got hold of her Flip video camera that morning, she filmed her charming but thorough interrogation for us to see.  Little did the poor chap know he was being grilled on film by a TV Dragon!

Here’s a a couple of videos of Rachel and I discussing one of our favourite topics – Feminine Wisdom in Business.  This was our first ever meeting and ‘getting to know you’ chat back in January of this year.  I can hardly believe we’ve only known each other for eight months!

Rachel and I discuss Feminine Wisdom in Business 1

Rachel and I discuss Feminine Wisdom in Business 2

In the end Pat and I acquired a couple of caravans rather than a motor home. (Although we’d love a Winnebago one day.)  Being psychic and therefore highly sensitive, Pat is so much happier living in a mobile home in an open field rather than a cottage surrounded by others.  It’s taken more for me to let go of living in a conventional house.  Part of this has been my maternal desire to provide a good ‘nest’, but I also discovered that I was more attached to what a pretty country cottage added to my professional persona than I thought!  But by jove, I think I’ve done it!  Seven weeks in and I’m thoroughly adjusted and lapping it up.   The quality of life in the wild field is simply wonderful and the people and planets around here quite exceptional!

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Creating Choice with Inner Wisdom


Hello and welcome to  I’m delighted to launch my new blog website announcing my latest brand – Srimati, the Inner Wisdom Coach.  Have a good browse by clicking on the pages above and enjoy the many video clips and articles below.  Do let me know what you’re thinking and feel free to ask me any questions.  I’d love to hear from you and would be delighted to help in any way I can. 

Warmest wishes, Srimati

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